To know God is to awaken to love and be filled with the fullness of Him. God is Love and to know Him is to know and walk in love. To be filled with the light of His word and be awakened to Agape is to know God in His fullness! Ephesians 3:19 Hallelujah! This is the calling of the child of God in Jesus Christ! Walking in Agape comes as a simple corollary to knowing God!

This reality ushers the new creation into the infinite dimensions of the Love of God as it is fully expressed and written in Christ Jesus. As we mature in Christ, Agape becomes the telling expression of this new life we have on the inside. It becomes the response of the new creation to the Fathers love as it is found raining upon us in Christ. Thank you Lord Jesus!

Saint John the Divine was one man who knew what it meant to be filled with the fullness of God. In His writings inspired by the Holy Spirit, he reveals to us a vital thing; that we should loose our entire being in the love of God! He calls for us to walk in the awareness of the Love we have come to in Christ. This is love that was demonstrated to us on the cross and has been placed inside of us the new creation in Christ. I John

Love has been the telling expression of the divine attributes of God from the beginning of the ages. So much has love been the lenses through which the Father sees all things that John declares in I John 4:8 that “………..God Is Love!” Hallelujah! While we were yet in the world, the Father chose to Agape us and out of that decision He gave of Jesus Christ so that today, we are partakers of His life. I John 4; 9, 10

Agape is the God kind of love that is based on the decision of the will to do and show good unto the object of love independent of its attitude or response. It is proactive and not reactive! This is how Jesus loved us that He gave his life on the cross on our behalf. It is this same kind of love that scripture admonishes us to function in with respect to one another in the body as well as indeed to the entire world. His Word to us is to Agape! Please check out Matthew 5: 44- 48 John 13:34 I Peter 4:8

Agape is the greatest force that can propel any being on a particular course of action. It was the compelling force behind the Father’s decision to give of His then only begotten son to the world of Adam. It is love that denies itself and gives of itself unconditionally without restraint, remorse or regret. It is love that knows no fear in any sense of the word; it is not afraid of the response of the object of love; it is not afraid to be exploited! Selah!
I Corinthians 13, I John 4: 17

Agape has come to be the dwelling place of the new creation. I John 4; 16 God is Love and the man born of God carries this nature on his inside. Scripture tells us to learn to put this love on display and make it the outward expression of our entire lives. I John 4:7, 8

Beloved, you are called to walk today in the perfection of Agape. To do this, it is key that we give ourselves fully to knowing God in His word by revelation ministered to us through the agency of the Holy Spirit. God is Love and to know God is to be ushered into the very bowels of Infinite Love Himself. Hallelujah! Ephesians 3:19

It is an amazing truth this scripture brings to light. The place of perfection in Christ is the dimension of Agape! Selah! Agape is the highest dimension of truth the new creation can walk in. Hallelujah!

Why should you Beloved, give yourself to Agape?
I John 4:19 we love him, because he first loved us.

Beloved this is the reason why you should choose to walk in Agape. Let it be the response of your will to the great love the father has poured out unto you in Christ Jesus!

O how the Father loves you! The thought of His heart unto us, the Church is love continually. This is the reason why Child of God, you should be confident and at peace with the plans and purposes He has for you because they are birthed in love.

And Beloved, as the Fathers love flows unto us unchecked in Christ; let us give way for Agape to be shed through us to touch a world in dire need of Salvation. Let Agape become the force with which we move and give ourselves to the King’s agenda without restraint! 2Co 5:14

Hallelujah! I thank God for the power of His love at work in the body of Christ individually and corporately. It is needful that the child of God chooses to walk in love in order not to give place to the devil’s activities such as hatred, envy, covetousness etc. Do not give place to the devil; walk and be perfected in Agape! Ephesians 4:27; 5:1, 2 Hallelujah!

•Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for love at work in me that abounds in all knowledge and judgment unto your glory! Phil 1:9
•Thank you Heavenly Father, my heart continually is directed towards the love of God as is writ in Christ Jesus! Hallelujah! 2Thess 3:5