Knowing God

John 17: 3 “and this is eternal life, that they may know You…….”

The life of God the new creation has received in Christ comes with a certain function; “……that they might know you…..” It comes with the ability to know God; to have intimate knowledge of Him. Knowing God is how the new creation grows up into maturity in Christ! II Peter 3:18

God is Spirit. Therefore knowledge of Him does not come to a man through his five senses. Knowledge of God only comes to a man by the agency of the Spirit of God. This is what is meant by revelation knowledge. Gal 1:12. Matthew 16:17, 18

What is the place of knowledge in the believers’ life? Why must I come to know Him?

It is a place of authority the Word of God takes in the life of the believer. This means the Word of God must reign in your life. How? By you discovering the Word of the Lord and embracing it in faith with your spirit. You reckon it to be true and then it begins to manifest as reality in you!

It is such Truth that delivers the Child of God into his inheritance in Christ. This is what Jesus meant in John 8:32 when He said that the truth shall make you free.

2 Peter 1:3 teaches us this same vital importance of the knowledge of God. He declares that it is by knowledge that the just is delivered……………into his rightful inheritance! Psalms 9: 10; Daniel 11:32b. Have you come to know your God? Have you come to know Him as King……as your Father………….as your life?! It is important that you do! Look at 1 John 2: 13, 14

The greatest problem facing the Church today is ignorance. Isaiah 5:13; Hosea 4:6
But as children of the Light, it is not for us to function in ignorance which is darkness. No, far from it! In the light of His Word you choose to live. Hallelujah! Ephesians 4:13; James 1: 21; Romans 12:2; I Peter 2:2; Acts 20:32. Do check out what these verses minister.

Now, God has chosen to reveal Himself in His Word. John 1:18; Heb 1:2, 3. Thus God is no longer shrouded in mystery. In Jesus Christ- the WORD made flesh- everything about God has been made known. Christ is the express image of God. Therefore to know Christ is to know God. To walk in the light of the revelation of Christ is to walk in the light of the knowledge of God.

How do I know Him?

It is given to the Child of God to know God. 1 Corinthians 1:9 speaks of the calling of the new creation. It says “…….by whom we have been called into the fellowship of His Son….” It is fellowship; a mixing together until there is an oneness! This is made possible by the Holy Spirit in us. II Corinthians 13: 14.

The Holy Spirit has been given us for this purpose. John 14:26; 1 Corinthians 2:12 It is by fellowship with Him that we become intimately acquainted with Jesus Christ and God. It is through the Holy Spirit that the Child of God is ushered into the reality of the Fatherhood of God and the Lordship of Christ!

Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, he comes to know what it means to say LORD Jesus; and to cry out Abba, Father. To have fellowship with the Father and the Son in the Holy Spirit is the function of Zoë – the life we have received in Him. Thus our prayer and Word times become avenues for us to fellowship with the Holy Spirit. They become times for us to get to know Him as our strength, our banner, our Counselor, our life, as Father the source of all supply………..yea as our everything! That is why the child of God ought not to joke with his prayer and Word study times!

This is the vital importance of fellowship with the Holy Spirit in the Word and in Prayer. He is the fullness of God for us to experience, enjoy and know every day!

Philemon 1:6 “That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.”

As we come to know Him and begin to function in the light of what we know, we walk in the fullness of our inheritance in Christ. Hallelujah!

-Acts 6:4
-I awake to the ministry of the Holy Spirit in me.
-I submit myself to the authority of His Word in me.