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Thank you for making time to visit our blog…

We are a team passionate for the Lord Jesus Christ!
We yearn to see His purposes fully expressed in our generation.
We believe in the ability of the Gospel of Grace to truly transform people and our world today.

We know that it is only through the preaching of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that indelible transformation can be realised. We are partners with the Holy Spirit for this cause.

Our desire is to use this platform to reach out to the two kinds of men in this world today.
To the man in Adam, we sound the harmonious note of God’s Grace displayed in His Love to the world. Our desire for this man is to make him see…make him see the Lord Jesus Christ! We believe that no man can truly see the Lord Jesus…in all the splendour of His power…in all the Beauty of His Majesty and remain the same. We know that the man who truly sees Jesus will fall at his knee and shout out “My Lord and My God!”

To the man in Christ, we minister the riches of the Glory of the Heavenly Kingdom. We have instruction of the Holy Spirit to “urge the children of the Kingdom to live up to the fullness of their calling and take their place!” Therefore we bring to the church the full load of the verities of the kingdom of Light! Selah

We consider ourselves servants for the sake of the Body. We see ourselves instructed scribes for the Kingdom. We share in the precious faith of the faithful who call Jesus Lord; we are sincerely in the Light your brethren in Christ!

You are Lifted!

PaQwecy, Chris & Benyiwa


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