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A Yielded Will – Part 2

Continuing from our earlier post;

In the arena of self-will completely yielded to the influence of the Lordship of Jesus Christ, uncertainty ceases to be a parameter that is factored into life’s prediction equation, fear is disabled from a man’s system. It becomes No more fears! No more uncertainty! No more doubt! We are completely at liberty from that primeval instinct that on many occasions is founded on deception. The certainty of victory in Christ, no matter the odds, becomes our singular vision, expectation and final outcome! This is the testimony of the new man in Christ!

Such is the state of the affairs we have been thrust into in Christ. This is what it means to live and move and have our being in the kingdom and Lordship of Christ! Glory to God!

Against the steady bulwark of a will impregnated with the faith of Christ, and completely yielded to the will and power of the Holy Spirit- no contrary situation shall prevail! We learn to subdue all things… we are no more at the mercy of the vicissitudes of life! We are no more victims to the systems of this fallen world! O Hallelujah!

We submit our will to Him. We walk yielded to His counsel and directions…We see the world subdued at our feet!




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