A light impossible to snub

There is a light that touches all persons born into this world; it is a light impossible to snub….it is a light that casts the shadow of the reality of God into the beating heart of every human being.  

Some men have sought to make this light obscure by denying its existence. Some have even tried to put its eternal flames out with the dousing spray of falsely exalted untethered logic. Ours is the generation replete with such kind of persons. All of their attempts have proven futile.

To the thinking men and women of this age who have an aversion for spiritual things and walk without questioning the assumption that the physical world is all there is…..To this age of sophistication in the wisdom of the strange woman, there is a need for a jolting of the baseline assumptions…..

The flames of this light rage on…its eternally dying embers in the hearts of many men today still points the way…still marks out the path clearly. The path to God the Father as it is found only in Christ.

I believe we, the children of God, have been shepherded into a time that is bursting with opportunity to make the embers of this light jump up into flames. I believe that with the higher light of Truth as it is found in Christ Jesus, we can make all expressions of reason find monolithic singularity. I believe that many persons with the eternally dying embers are tethering on the brink of despair…unknowingly waiting this spark. I believe there has not been a more opportune moment to make the fullness of the oracles of Christ known to the entire world…in the fullest display of Grace!

Let us redefine the issues. Let us ask the questions. Let us bring the answers to our world today. For Christ is the answer…His wisdom is the anchor needed to make steady the course of this ship…this world of chaos we seek to bring order into. By God! We shall bring order into it by the staff of Christ…even the scepter of His throne…even righteousness!

Is the physical world all there is?

What evidence do we have in fact? Is it irrefutable?  

Is that position consistent with life?
Why is the world towing a philosophy nourished from the bosom of the strange woman?
Why is the temple of Mammon heavily worshipped in our age?
Why is carnality sung to its highest harmonic and multitudes applaud?

O let the thinkers think!



2 thoughts on “A light impossible to snub

  1. Great post! Certainly there is one subject on which the atheist requires absolutely no evidence: the issue of whether human reason is the best – indeed the only – way to comprehend reality. Vern Bullough was quoted saying, “…humanists at least have reality on their side” A lot of this came out of the Enlightenment dream of “objective truth based on scientific understanding.” These so-called men of reason simply presume that their rational, scientific approach gives them full access to external reality. It is this presumption that gives atheism it characteristic arrogance. The great religions of the world (and there is only one true God, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the great I Am.) have always held that there are two levels of reality. There is what we experience and there is the transcendent or metaphysical world. The Enlightenment fallacy holds that human reason and science can, in principle, gain access to and eventually comprehend the whole of reality. However, reason, in order to be reasonable, must investigate its own limitations! Emmanuel Kant said the reality we apprehend is not reality in itself. It is merely our experience or “take” on reality. 1Corinthians 3:19 says, “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. As the Scriptures say, ‘He traps the wise in the snare of their own cleverness.'” (NLT) There are permanent and inescapable limits to human reason, and it is foolishness to go on pretending otherwise. Yours In Christ!

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    1. Deep thoughts Sir. Powerful insights.

      I have come to reckon- through much of the inspiration given me during fellowship with the Holy Spirit in the Word of Truth- that reality is one. One sphere. One plane…fundamentally Christ. What we deem as variance between the physical world (reason) and the spiritual world (revelation) is really pivoted on how much of Christ we have awakened to.

      For the man who reckons Christ as the epitome of Reality…”the one in whom is hid all treasures of wisdom and knowledge”, it is both a simple leap of reason and revelation that brings in the conclusion that Reality (Truth) must be One: consistent with itself in every manifestation, time and context…this is the posturing that removes the seeming wrinkle between the fabrics of reason and faith, and unveils the brilliance of the portrait writ in Light- wherein the reasoning of man finds solubility in the faith of Christ.

      I say it simply this way: Reason…Reason bathed by Heaven’s Light.



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