Awakening · Poesy

… Now and always!

Let the darkness ebb and the kingdom of Light rise in strength
See the tides, bringing in the Kings Advent, increase and prevail
Hear the seals that tell it upon the sands of time loosen
Be filled with words inspired of His Spirit, writ upon tables of flesh with ink of Light…declared with the trappings of His Power and Love

Then rise up and stand O fiery light of the world
Called and chosen and faithful; bond servant to His Lordship and Kingdom
whose we are and whom we serve; the last Adam…the second Man…the Lord Jesus Christ!
Awaken! It is ours to reign- all of the worlds;
But nay! Not before His advent intrusion. Selah!

In agape, minister the fullness of the infinite riches of His Mercy
In wisdom, dispense of the limitless treasures of His Grace
In obedience, walk the path of submission to His sovereign Word;
Yield to His throne and the scepter of  His Righteousness
Be utterly consumed by zeal for His purposes

For we are the servants executing to the letter the fiat of our King
We are the eyes that see as He does;
In all the full expanse of wisdom, grace and knowledge
We are the wielders of the sword of the spirit; the monolith that unites the twin edges of reason and faith…the lifting power helped by His Spirit, bringing awakening unto many

We are the unquenchable fire that brings light to this valley of darkness; fuelled by the power of His divine life, directed by the counsel of the Holy Spirit
We are sent out from Him who seats upon the throne of God;
sent out to the world with Him…for Him! We are separated unto the gospel of Grace;
it is the breath upon our lips, the warmth we exhale.

In all things committed fully to the counsel of YHWH in Christ
This we are!
The instructed scribes of the living God!
This is our creed…
Now and always!




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