Gospel Nuggets

One with Him outwardly and on the inside!

Dear Child of God,

We have been called unto a place of sonship in this kingdom of Light. As we mature in the Word of God and learn more the depths of the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, it becomes inevitable: we take our place of sonship!

That seat is an exalted one because it is the same seat the first born occupies; for we are seated together with him on the right hand of power far above all principalities, dominions and powers that can be named in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth.

This place of sonship is disabled from fear, doubt, need and uncertainty! It is replete with His manifest power to make alive, in whatever dimensions, the will of Him who sits upon the throne…our Lord and King!

It is a place of responsibility because there we come to truly reckon His Lordship and our joint “heirship” with Him. There, His will is ours…His burden is ours…all He has and possesses become truly ours! Selah.

Thank you Lord Jesus for our adoption unto sonship!

Now we honor you Dear Lord, by walking only in your Light. We bend our all into your service…for we have shown up in a time and place as today to do your will…we live to fulfill your desires…we live to labor for you! Our dreams have ceased to be fuelled by selfish ambitions. No, now our dreams have been seized by your vision, O Mighty Father! Yours has become our dream and desire!

And as we lean in always to fellowship with you in Word and prayer, we wrap ourselves with the objective of Truth: the crux is not just coming into fellowship with you, but fulfilling the reason for the fellowship: – becoming one with you outwardly in all manifestations of thoughts, words and actions. We express outwardly the reflection of your nature on our inside!

Glory to God!


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