Keep the lights on! Relentlessly!

“Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning” – Luke 12: 35

How often we lose track of the truest essence of our calling in Christ. We forget why we are here. We make light of the calling to make others see…we slouch in the manner we push forth the gospel of peace. God help us!

How many are numbered among this throng of light bearers sleeping in the deep of the night’s terror? How many stand endowed…flooded with the light of the stars of Heaven; and yet refuse to shine- actively, singularly and relentlessly- for the cause of the Lordship and kingdom of Jesus Christ? O how many! Help us Lord! Mercy Lord!

Let us fall upon this instruction from the Lord, and receive strength and refreshing to stand again. Let us make it our deepest conviction; and commit utterly to the Kingdom’s mandate…that we should declare forth the words he puts in our mouths and make known the visions he shows us in the deep silence of the nights…and lift highest His light for all to see…and be transformed and perfected…as they walk in fellowship with His Spirit.

O Father! We thank you for Mercy!

We bow our knees and yield to you. We pledge our all for your cause. No matter the distractions, no matter the depth of the fall…no matter how many times we stumble…our hearts remain pure and singular in the rhythms of its beats: we say all for you O mighty God! All for you! No one else! We take up our loins and gird ourselves with your zeal and truth….and we shine! We shine lit up by the oils and flames of your fire…we shine for you for the world to see and be indelibly transformed!

Glory to your name forever!!!

In the name of Jesus!



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