a better sceptre…a greater vehicle

With respect to the mandate to rule our world, we must take note that the agency to be most dutifully employed in this task ought to be the “unchanging word of God”.

There are many vehicles that communicate power and carry the seal of authority. None has greatest utility as the “Word of Power”. For we see many ruling by the might of their wiles and the brawn of their arms…some too, by the darkness of deception and the treachery of brutes. But child of God, we have a better sceptre…and a greater vehicle that carries the Kings authority…for our citizenship is of Heaven! Selah.

A careful observation of the workings of our King and God will reveal the singular revelation that He “holds all things by the Word of His Power (Hebrews 1:3)” … He rules seated on the throne of God…He rules by His Word.

Therefore, we have a clear portrait for our example. We can act accordingly. For we discover further in the Scriptures that our tongue is given us to “rule and tame our world for the cause the Kingdom and Lordship of Christ”. We discover that our tongue was given us to “speak forth God”, and craft our world in the image and likeness of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! 

In the light of these revelations, let us exercise ourselves in the discipline of kingly rule under Heaven’s mandate in Christ. For man was created to have dominion… “by speaking forth God in His Words”.





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