The tongue as a flame Holy

For the new man in Christ today, there is a better revelation of the tongue. Ours is a flame holy and consecrated – committed to speaking all of the counsel of the Oracles of God. We are His Living Voice today…let the priests of God’s lips be filled with His Word. Let their utterance always be His Word. And let it gush out in torrents of fire. Selah 

For there remains a need for the ministration of life in this world…there remains a need for the taking of darkness’s might. There remains great need for the souls of multitudes to be lifted in salvation into the infinite arms of Grace. There remains a need for the expression of the miraculous…a need for the fountain gates of healing to gush out in torrents and wash our world off infirmity. There remains great need.Selah

It is in the face of this tsunami of need…this tempest tossed unsettling storms of need, that we hear the sound of a voice speaking the mysteries and power of the Kingdom and Lordship of Jesus Christ. Let the people of God, rise up and take their place! Let the people of God speak forth God…declaring forth His Mighty Word! Thus sayeth the Holy Spirit! Hallelujah! 

For we have with us the presence of His Spirit and we are cloaked by His armour of Light and we are planted in the deep of His Word….and we have the sword of the Spirit…on our lips even tongues of fire! Ours is fire that brings Not Judgment! No! Not in this dispensation! Ours is fire that purges the dross and makes pure the gold, purifying it even seven times! Ours is the fire that brings in the warmth of the miraculous power in Christ- ministering to the needs of man; lifting many into the supply of Heaven. 

Ours is the fire capable of burning away the chaff of unbelief and stir up a man to faith- even faith that lays a hold on Grace unto salvation…Selah 

Child of God! I call you the anointed….the anointed with the tongue of fire. Rise up and take your place. This world…this arena of adversity…awaits your declared fiat for it to be subdued.



One thought on “The tongue as a flame Holy

  1. It is so important to remember our new identity in Christ! As you say, “the new man” – we are called up and out of what we once were to be Children! Amen!

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