Awakening · Poesy

Light, bliss and joy overflowing…

It was one misty night
When lost in the labyrinth of the endless fog 
My feet stumbled upon a peculiar sight 
For Light pure in its beams of allure 
Stood shining majestically bright before my eyes 

Perplexed and befuddled by my foolish posturing
and driven by the depths of emptiness, darkness had clawed stolen out of my heart,
I dragged myself even closer to this Light 
And found myself led out from the labyrinthine darkness into the fields of day Wherein the Light is always shining; and the warmth of its rays constantly caressing 

Wherein the power of darkness is naught
And the chains of the slave master do not dare make a sound 
Wherein a man is free to live 
In pursuit of the highest rays of the Light 
In the liberty of the sons of God 

In His Light, seeing Light! 
O how I remember that fateful night
Now filled with bliss and joy overflowing my heart 
For Love spoke and held His hand to me
And I took Loves hand
And I walked in Love’s light  

Now, and always
Eternally positioned 
In the glorious Light
Of the Sovereign Word…
In Christ!


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