Held most tenderly in His infinite grace

Keep me as the apple of Your eye; Hide me under the shadow of Your wings (Psalms 17:8)

Mighty God,

We thank You for Your goodness towards us. We bless Your Name always for this gift of Zoë pulsating in us…invigorating us with the powers of the world to come (Hebrews 6:5-KJV). We thank You for peace…that heavenly cloak of certainty that covers us with the surety of goodness and banishes the trolls of fear away. Dear Father, we thank You for Your light that shines brightest in our lives warming us with the rays of heavens glory….bringing in the unshakeable reign of the sovereign word of God into all spheres of our lives. O Hallelujah!

That today, we are found in Christ! Blameless, irreproachable…made acceptable in Love as the Beloved…O Glorious King, we thank You for keeping us as the apple of Your eye…for You have made Your repose in our midst – in Love and Peace and Hope. For You hold us most tenderly in Your infinite grace…You pour out without restraint the heavenly rains of mercy…You hide us under the shadow of Your wings.

Therein, we are safe. Untouchable by the evil hands of Darkness…hedged in by the unbreakable firewalls of light. In You, O Mighty God we have found the mightiest fortress. In Your hands we have awakened to the mighty effective power of the Holy Spirit working in us…for us…for the cause of Your kingdom agenda in our generation…

Thank you Mighty God!

Herein we rest, the apple of Your eye.

Beloved and most tenderly held… in the mighty fortress of Your name!

O Hallelujah!



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