To truly live…

To live… To live and not merely exist. To walk this time realm and etch your legacy in its watery stones. This is an idea worth considering I think… This is a notion worth exploring…

I believe in the simplicity of this truth. That man was born to live. Period.
To live above fear and uncertainty.
To walk above the realm of victimhood. Not at the mercy of disease, poverty or the changing landscape of political ambitions gone terribly wrong.
To live…lifted above such that make the dunghill of today’s mere humanity.

I see too many spending away their priceless lives slaving in the pits and cesspools promising asinine rewards in exchange. I see many of the esteemed fold of men eat their entire course of this life constantly courting and nurturing anxiety, failure, uncertainty, hatred and the like of such ungodly emotions that corrupt and tear away the very soul of a man.

I have seen enough.
I have decided finally.

I have searched for and found an enclave vast enough and replete sufficiently with resources to engage man…man in all the strength and vigour of His abilities. This realm is found only in CHRIST! It is the call to live in the highest plain of life…to truly live!


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