executing His mandate

The force of any compelling argument does not lie in the flowery choice of its words but in the “force of the spirit” backing its communication. Herein is the mystery to our success as ministers of the Gospel.

We are called to speak words cloaked with fire and replete with dynamic ability to cause changes; and influence multitudes who dare to listen – words full of His Grace and full of the power of His Spirit. The more we give ourselves to meditating on God’s  Word, the greater the heights we will climb in seeing it manifested in our personal experience.

The vineyard of souls we tend seem to be filled with ubiquitous infirmity…many walk with their spiritual eyes dimmed….and to such, it is a difficult task to appreciate and respond appropriately to all the beauty unveiled in Christ. The voice of the Spirit is barely audible to the hearts of many…too many are dull of hearing…Too many are blind and incapable of reckoning spiritual things…there is need that the church awaken for the day is nigh; the night is far gone…see! Our salvation is closer to us than when we believed! Selah

Our duty as Children of God is bound to our oneness in Him: we are to see…and then, make others see as well! We are the lifters of many…we are the city set on a hill…we are His vessels of honor executing His mandate.

God is our Helper! Our sufficiency is of Him!






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