Discovery is but at the next turn…

Gazing into the emptiness filled with possibilities
What shall we create now
What shall we change and make new
Drown yourself in the ravishing thought
Ours shall be a wonder to behold

Wandering alone in the solitude
Of silent seas and rarefied planes
Discovery is but at the next turn
Ecstasy fills pounding drums
Who wills to walk this path
Of the maverick soul in soul

Speaking constantly into brick walls
Immovable unshakeable, it will fall
Choice must needs be fuelled by power
It is but meaningless if naught
Ours is the power of Divinity
Ours is the ability to call Light out of darkness

When by certainty we chance on the path untaken
When we tread that rarely-paced pavement
Discern the stones that adorn it we must
For then we shall see truly placed about
The very precious stones of Heavens delight



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