To find true purpose

What shall we say then?
To what end should a man bend all the powers of his being to achieve?
To what race should a man commit himself passionately into?
What should we strive to achieve…what should we pursue to find purpose? What should we be consumed about?
What is the meaning of this life?…

I will take the solitary path and propose my answer from the higher pedestal of the unseen truth of the throne, power and Kingdom of God. I will say to the listening ear…hear me. This is vital truth. See beyond the hidden in the vastness of the horizon…see eternity and understand that true purpose is one whose roots is founded on grounds that can withstand the leaching of time; true purpose is one immune to the savage incursions of time upon it…a firm monolith….relevant for all eternity; decidedly so too!

Let us stay on this mountain top of truth and feast in its rarified planes. Let us descend at the return of light with its radiance on our faces and share the beauty beholden with the sleepers who are our fellow travelers today.



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