Unconquerable Faith!

Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him – James 1:12

Ours is a world full of the dark arrows of trials and temptations; replete with the ominous signature of a cosmos fallen from the heights of righteousness into the dunghill of corruption.

So we see man immersed into this quagmire; unsettled and tossing with vehement intent to subdue and bind him in the everlasting chains of deception.

In the grips of this world full of tribulation, we must overcome…we must endure! For faith must needs overcome when challenged by the odds. Therefore, we stand our ground.

When tribulation comes we do not move from our position of faith. We do not cower and freeze in fear. No! We speak! We tell the storms “you too shall pass”. We declare to the tempest “Peace be still. Hear me and obey. I am child of the Living God”.

The hurt and pain may be most searing and unbearable but we are comforted by the infinite arms of the Comforter Himself…we are borne up by wings of peace, we are kept calm by the still waters in His presence…our hearts are garrisoned by His joy and peace always…ours is the promise and word of Faith… “more than conquerors” Glory to God!

The storms of tribulation shall come and pass away…but we shall remain standing on that firm foundation of faith; not diminished or beaten into submission…No! We shall remain standing, having endured and conquered, by the mighty matchless prevailing power of  unconquerable faith!



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