For our faith is only made stronger….

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. — James 1:2-3

I have always wondered. What is the purpose of faith that can dispel every darkness of doubt if such faith quivers at the sound of doubts challenge? 
What is the purpose of conquering faith if there is naught at variance with its will to conquer? The very authenticity and genuineness of our Faith in Christ will elicit tribulation and temptations from the prince of darkness and the systems of this world. In much the same way as the presence of Light commands the displeasure of the creatures of the night, the fiery flames of unconquerable faith stir up the angst of defeated foes and propels them to challenge the light.

To the strangers scattered abroad, to the members of the 12 tribes of the Jerusalem (James 1:1), it is needful that we embrace in all things The “Divine Perspective”. It is important that we see always through the faith filled lenses of God’s view. For it is only then that we can truly connect to that revelation of truth which builds us up and makes us fit to enter the full gamut of our inheritance in Christ. Selah

The Wisdom of God demands that we posture and align ourselves with Divinity’s perspectives on all things. To this end, we must “count it all joy when we are visited with myriad temptations.” We must know that the trying of our faith produces patience” 

Here, let us receive certainty of assurance of our victory. For our faith is only made stronger as we exercise ourselves, in the arena of many temptations…as we win the victory of righteousness every time the wave of onslaught meets us…as we endure in the fortitude of patience and hone to maturity the heavenly fruit of faith— tested, tried and victorious. 

It is such perspective that keeps the joy garrisoned in our hearts when all around us commands despair. It is such grounding in truth that keeps us unwavering through the darkest storms. For we know in whom we are planted. We know the purpose for the trying of our faith. We perfect ourselves in the fortitude of patience…and posture our all, with the champions gone ahead of us… “who through faith and patience inherited the promise” 



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