James – An Introduction….

Is faith alone enough to save? Are the saints of the Most High also sinners? What is the place of riches and “rich men” within the body fabric of the church? Can the gain of riches underpinned by some particular motive, be consistent with the divine mandate the christian has been called to execute in Christ?  These are but a few hard questions posed in the Epistle of James we uncover. 

We see also, life transforming revelation ministered. For this is the Epistle that teaches us “to count it all joy when we face diverse temptations”; and urges us always “to receive with meekness the engrafted word able to save”.

It is also in the Light of this Epistle that we come to awaken to the truth, that the highest expression of faith comes with actions and that the tongue needs be reined by the seal of righteousness, and that the fervent effectual prayer of the righteous man avails much! O Hallelujah! There is indeed much to feast on in these inspired writings!

It is some-what contended in Christian corridors, that this first epistle to the Church is undeniably the most laden with remnants of Jewish legalistic posturing and contains the littlest rays of the prominent light of divine Grace. 

However, we ought not to argue the rather few “seemingly ill-fitted positions” here. Let us yield instead to that overarching banner divinely writ: “That all Scripture is the Inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” Let us say Amen to the truths herein revealed by the Holy Spirit and let us posture ourselves to see, the panorama of truth in this epistle, fitly framed up and in harmony with the entire revelation of the Scriptures.

Let us stay within the ambit of Grace, and study this inspired writ and find therein the precious stones of revelation that builds…that shall equip us with endowment to be the vessels of honor for the cause of our King….for the cause of the Kingdom of Light…

Dear Reader join us as we begin this study….



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