Digging a Little Deeper

Digging a little deeper #8 – Awakening

There comes a time when Truths previously glossed over become real to our consciousness. We awaken as it were from the slumber and discover a reality hitherto hidden beneath the veil. Such unveiling floods our hearts with light and roots us in a foundation so firm nothing  can any more change our stand or persuade us otherwise. Such is the nature and power of “awakening”….such is the force of revelation and the tenacity of conviction displayed.

Do you believe in the Name of Jesus Christ?

Have you awakened to His Lordship and Kingdom?

There is no name above His Name!
There is no principle, influence or persona higher in authority or influence.
All things bow in obedience to that Name.
All things respond to the divine authority in that Name.
The Name of Jesus is the seal that serves as the divinely appointed purveyor of Grace…
Grace in all its infinity. Grace in all its conquering power. Grace in all its reality!



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