Words spoken

I remember the story of the man Jacob. How he “inherited” a blessing from his father Isaac. I remember how strange a concept it was to me then…that a man will endeavor passionately to be the recipient of inspired words and of hands laid upon his brow in blessing. For you see, Jacob’s inherited blessings was Inspired Words spoken; attended by laying of hands upon his head.

When Isaac, dim of eyes and jointly deceived by his son and wife, laid hands on Jacob, the intent was to bequeath to Jacob that wellspring of Blessing Isaac had himself inherited from Abraham. And so Isaac’s utterance was seized by the power of the Holy Spirit and he declared words!

Words were the vehicle by which the blessing was delivered. Jacob received those words. And in the absence of any physically tangible evidence…He rose up in the presence of Isaac and knew with no shadow of doubt that he was truly blessed! 

See the power of words!
See the vehicle carrying the blessing. Find it in the Words writ by the Holy Spirit…uttered by our Heavenly Father…laid upon our Brow….writ upon our hearts! See! And awaken to your Blessing! Selah

This was the reason Jacob prevailed against all odds…and became Israel. This was the reason all that Jacob touched prospered. This was the reason! See! Jacobs default mode of operation became Blessing! His world was not spiraling to entropy under a curse. No! It was the lines falling unto him in pleasant places under the blessing! Do you see?! 

The child of God is under a blessing! God’s blessing! Our default mode is blessing! We are under no curse.Galatians 3:13. Therefore whatsoever we touch works…all things are working together for our good. We think Blessing. We talk Blessing. Our lives are fully loaded with blessings….

It is the blessing of the Lord! And we are inheritors of its riches in Christ.
We are full of Grace and Wisdom and Strength. Insight and understanding resides in us. We are the conduit of the King’s power! 

Indeed, we have inherited a blessing!!

Glory to God!



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