— In Wisdom

Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time — Colossians 4:5

The only way to function in the light of this scripture is to discover Wisdom and give yourself wholly to Him. The “days are evil”…the children of light must walk in this present age by Wisdom. 

Wisdom is Christ.
Wisdom is the will and purposes of God unveiled and displayed in Christ.
Wisdom is functioning in the light of the revelation of who you are in Christ; using the resources he has given us and standing unmovable in the authority of His Name.
Wisdom is the force released when the child of God, being “drunk with the spirit”, begins to speak such inspired words that nothing – not men or circumstances – can resist the “spirit and wisdom” attending his words.

Wisdom is exalting principle above the allure of expediency.
Wisdom is submitting in obedience to righteousness, speaking in oneness with the revealed word….and functioning in the Grace and Power of the Holy Spirit.
Wisdom is the “principal thing”!

May His Wisdom shine resplendent in us! May it be the fragrance of our life…..may it be the indelible signature of our decisions and expressions!



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