Awakening · Poesy

Do Tell It!

When often silence speaks
In the echoing stillness of thoughts awakening
When purpose leaping up, seeks fulfillment
When dreams are birthed from the fiery mists of hope
Do tell it! —

This dream taking form
In places deeply hidden within
In that secret place of treasures stowed
When angst is stirred up in righteousness
This injustice must continue no more 

To lift up multitudes into the light
To stir up the slumbering unto awakening
To write upon yielded hearts
The light filled words of grace
O do tell of the vision handed down

Now we wander often in thought
Soon to be planted inseparably in reality
Now we speak only in parts
Soon to be consumed by the full load of truth unveiled
See! The power of the vision stirs us onwards

For to live once upon this sojourn
Gird ourselves with purpose we must
Distilled from the essence of His Lordship, we must see —
The visions of fire birthed from higher grounds…

O I will tell of it!
These heavenly visions of glorious light!



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