In all…in everything!

I will keep my eyes always on the Lord, with Him at my right hand I will never be moved —Psalms 16:8

continued from yesterday’s post….

Having now been blessed with the Omniscient presence of the Holy Spirit, let us learn to keep our gaze on Him always. He is our sure foundation; our shield and buckler; our glory and the lifter up of our head.

Let us keep our eyes on Him…let us not be moved by the pestilence that comes to pass and adversity that is ours to subdue…let us not be fixated on the roses of success and be lulled to inebriation by the excitements of worldly conquest…

In all…in everything, let us keep our gaze on Him.
For our vision is keenest, when we see as He does; through His lenses, with His perspective…focused entirely on Him. 
Let us walk this world as them instructed into the higher ways of power in Christ.

And now, let us have rest in Him who is our all…Always!
“…for He is at our right hand and we shall not be moved.”

Praise God!


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