Our Counsel and Helping Power

I will praise the Lord who counsels me, even at night my heart instructs me —Psalms 16:7

The child of God is blessed with the counsel of the Lord God Almighty Himself.
He is endowed with the advantages that the Omniscient presence of the Holy Spirit bestows on a man.
I say, the Child of God is the only being possessed of true enlightenment… Glory to God!

What shall we say then?
There is no situation too dire to present true disadvantage to the child of God.
There is no darkness too bleak to resist the power of light in the Helper’s wisdom and strength.
There is no height too tall to scale…no troop impossible to run through…no power too difficult to subdue or problem too hard to solve…
No. Not for the child of God endowed with the counsel and helping power of the Holy Spirit.

So we lift up our hands every day and abound in thanksgiving. We say, thank you Holy Spirit, for your help in our lives. Thank you for wisdom and strength that no adversary can resist. Thank you for counsel that makes us victors and more than conquerors always!

You are the fire unquenchably ablaze in our heart always…
We praise you, O Lord Counselor!

In Jesus Name!


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