3 Questions…

Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?

These are three key questions I believe should be very well answered by any Child of God.  

We know that the right answer to any question is found by enquiry in the proper enclave. The right question is key…even more so is the proper enclave of enquiry.

Today we find many men seeking the answer to the question, “Who am I?” within the so-called marbled halls that make the sophistry of the philosophies of science.
Science’s philosophy as it is defined by today’s “thinking men” denies any reality but that which is portrayed by the fickle parameters of the physical senses. Many presumptuously state that the physical world is all there is, and deny the reality of God.
I dare say that any man who defines himself within this incomplete reality falls short of Gods idea.

We must awaken to our true selves in the Light of Christ…see who we are in the light of His will revealed!!… In all verity!…and daily say:
I am more than what my lineage according to the flesh says.
I am more than I think I am.
I am truly born of God!
I am truly a partaker of His divine life and nature.
I am a member of the very flesh and bone of the Risen Lord. I carry His Spirit in me.
My heart is covered with His Words inscribed by the ink of the Spirit.
I am joint-heir with the First Born. I am His workmanship.
I am His Light shining.

Only in the Light of the Word of God can we truly see our nature and life and endowments. Therefore we must gaze steadily into His Word…and feast our eyes steadily on His face….! 

Glory to God!



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