Meditations on the Church of Jesus Christ! – Be earnest in prayer for the Church

See how the church of the FirstBorn walks in peace and joy…
See how she walks secured in the knowledge of who she is in Christ.
She is not afraid to stand alone or be misconstrued; for she has fortitude and Wisdom “to deal wisely with all the affairs of this life”.

She constantly yearns to increase and grow into the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Her desire is more of Him…more of the expressions of the divine life in all her thoughts, words and actions; for she has acknowledged in her present state, the vastness of the potential for growth and maturity in Christ. Selah.

She commits herself to the tutelage of the Holy Spirit always…she has pledged utmost allegiance to the sovereign Word of God and to the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus Christ!

She removes inertia from her being; that drudgery that slows action when decision has been made. She disables insecurity. She disables pride. She is not afraid to bare her all before the throne of Grace, and look at her flaws through the eyes of agape and mercy…for she knows all too well that she is a work in progress.

The Master Sculptor is chipping away at all the unnecessary chaff…that she may come to perfection. Of the strokes and impact of the chisel and hammer, she knows the pain and discomfort too well. But the objective is clear….that perfection may be attained. Herein she rests. Wisdom sublime is her steadfast counsel…

Beloved, let us continue to be earnest in prayer for the church…for all the brethren born of God and under the Lordship of Jesus Christ…Let us desire, above all else, that she prospers in the grace poured unto her in Christ. Let us continue to believe all things concerning her…Let us be bound in hope always…enduring all…believing all! …till that gold hidden within, breaks forth and perfection in maturity shines…blinding all men to the glory of God! For we are the church of the Living God…the city set on a hill that shines brightly…

Dearly Beloved, tell the brethren…let us continue steadfast in this high calling in Christ!


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