Meditations on the Church of Jesus Christ! – The Beautiful City of Zion

O the Beautiful city of Zion…set on the Hill of Grace!
Called and chosen to be faithful to the School of the Spirit…
The School that immerses minds thoroughly into all the infinite dimensions of divine truth and power…

O that your soul shall awaken to the Word of Truth and fully embrace the divine endowments unto all understanding of the nuances and hidden mysteries of the kingdom of heaven and the annals of the history of man.
The world is looking for the full expression of your transformed soul…of your beautiful mind….For you have been called to be sophisticated in the mysteries of Light as it is found eternally writ in Christ Jesus.

For you are not weak O Zion! Your mind is strengthened by His might!

You have mastered and learnt to take the advantage and prevail over fear, insecurity, uncertainty and pride.  You do not break down in the face of opposition.

You are girded by divine strength and fortitude…leaning always into the innate ability and desire to prevail against the odds.

You shall not be moved or deterred by the odds stacked up against you. For you have understood and embraced equanimity — the kind that only Heaven’s light can bring into the endowments of a man.



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