In good and pleasant places

The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and of my cup, He maintains my lot. The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places, yea I have a good inheritance! —Psalm 16:5,6

Thank you Mighty God, for you are the portion of our inheritance…you maintain our lot. It is you who has become our very possession…we have you…we are yours and you are ours!

Therefore we are at rest, for no treasure compares with you…nothing else is more precious. In you, Mighty God, we have found our treasure, our rest, our God! Now we have ceased to be vain in our pursuit of purpose…we have removed ourselves from the cesspit arena that chases after worthless godless earthly trinkets. Now we bend all our abilities, time and devotion to you, O Mighty God! 

We say thank you for your Word. The sovereign rule of your Word in every sphere of our lives. We look to you always, O glorious Father…you are our God! No one else!

Thank you for maintaining our lot. Thank you for the umbrella of agape, the rains of Grace and the rule of righteousness over every sphere of our lives. Today, the lines are falling constantly, unto us, in good and pleasant places. Today, we see all things working together for our good…we see the goodness of the Almighty God properly positioned for our consumption and enjoyment!

O Mighty God!
Thank you for this Light of Truth that rules in all preeminence in us! Your name be exalted in glory forever!

In the name of Jesus!


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