The pursuit of Truth gloriously unveiled in Christ

Today I share with you a few of the many-a-ramblings in the Spirit…
What is the purpose of it all?
Why am I here?
What am I doing with the time I have?
What am I building?
What am I reaching out to grasp and apprehend?
What then should be the ultimate pursuit?
…the ultimate pursuit for everyone?
I believe that the pursuit of light ought to be the highest calling. I believe this quest ought to be realized in no other but Christ. I say, that all of our bestowed treasure of time ought to be consumed by the quest to climb up and into the dazzling light filled mountain of Truth-in-Christ… In Christ!

To this end, I believe we must not “waste” our time.
Truth…the pursuit of “Aletheia” must always remain our unwavering mission and steadfast gaze. Let it be our vision…our reason for breathing…in this dusty plane of existence where the sun still sets on the dark tides of death, and mortality remains, for now, the acrid fragrance of the still four winds.

Truth, as it is gloriously unveiled in Christ…it’s building into ourselves so that we are endowed with the limitless expressions of His Wisdom and Grace…in every shade and hue…ought to be our highest prize. Selah.

I have often chanced upon the visions of the supremacy of Light in many-a- rambling in the arena of the Spirit. I have seen the swell, verdant and lush forests …of trees of knowledge…and truth personified. I have touched these beams of light and experienced my entire being lifted into dimensions of revelation…ineffable in expression…imprinting the constant desire to be filled again and again. I have stopped to drink from the clear waters of this “Forest of Truth”…deeply quenching my thirst…I awaken more and more to the Glory of the Lord of Lords…I am awed by the overwhelming, rapturous, intoxicating bind of revelation ministered as I feast always on the Bread of Life. O Thank you Holy Spirit! O thank you Lord Jesus! O thank you, Mighty Father!

For this “Aletheia” is the true Bread of Life. His name is Jesus Christ!
He is the Source and fountainhead of all reality. He is Pure Light Personified. All Consuming Knowledge communicated. He is the purpose and quintessence of Life. Glorious beyond the ability of earthly languages to truly properly extol…therefore, we learn to fill our tongues with the heavenly language inspired of the Holy Spirit….and we speak in “many tongues”, and declare His praises with Words befitting the Glory of His Majesty…befitting the Omniscient One…the only true God! His name is the Lord Jesus Christ!

O such visions of Glory!

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