1 John

His testimony is greater… His witness is mightier!

“If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater;…” 1 John 5:9

The witness of God is greater!

Who has believed the testimony of God?
And who has believed and received the witness of God?
Whose testimony is mightier?
Is it not that of Deity? As we have come to know in Christ?

Dearly Beloved, let us remember the testimony of God concerning us- now that we are born again and found in Christ! Let us remember that God’s Word of testimony is Greater!
If we have received and continue to receive the testimony and witness of men on many subjects, let us remember that “the witness of God is Greater!”

If men have witnessed and brought testimony of the intriguing marvel of the universe and wonder at its span, let us remember God’s testimony is greater! His is the power that established all the created order by His Word. His is the vision, strength and wisdom that designed all of the majestic glories of the universe inquiring minds constantly peer into in wonder and amazement. Shall not His testimony be greater? And greatly received?

If men are constantly overwhelmed by the complexity and intelligent design of the smallest forms of life…and are yet to even scratch the surface on the “how” of organic life as it is now; let us, vested with the wisdom of God remember, His testimony is greater! For in Him is hid all the foundations of wisdom and knowledge…in Him alone do we find the monolith that unifies all streams of knowledge into well positioned truth….In His hand alone do we find held, the sword that unites the twin blades of reason and faith…Glory!
His testimony is greater. His witness is mightier!

And, we see His witness communicated to us mightily as we study His Word. For therein, we find that He has said “new creations! Born of God! Partakers of the divine life and nature! Conquerors of Darkness and its Prince! Sharers of Life! “Unveilers” of mysteries! Bastions of Wisdom! Wielders of the scepter of power in righteousness! Heirs to the throne of God with Jesus! Rulers of the world to come in eternity! Lovers of God! Bride to the King! “Beloveds” of the Most High!”

Dear Reader, have you embraced in acceptance His witness?
His Witness is Greater!



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