Speak - He listens - He Speaks Back

There is none other!

Mighty God!

I thank you for the glory of your Word at work in us, ruling in our midst, sovereign over all, bringing supply where there is need..lifting always!

We give you glory Father, for the steady streams of supply from your throne. We drink deeply every day. We open our mouths wide and are continually filled.

We lift up our hands and are always strengthened with your might; to effect your counsel and walk in your will. O thank you, wonderful God!

Today, we kneel in utter allegiance before your throne. We offer up to you the dedication and commitment of our will to your purposes. For, it is you alone we call worthy! It is you alone we call Lord! It is you alone that we honour above all else and worship in all reverence. Mighty God, we minister to you today these offerings of loyalty to your kingdom, and faithfulness to your cause.

Fill our hearts with passion, that we may continue to live for your purposes in a world deluged by the floods of apathy. Teach us to walk in your paths of righteousness, for we know the scepter of your kingdom is the scepter of righteousness. Shield us from all evil…and all distractions that seek to steal our attention and cause us to forget our high calling in Christ. Shepherd us always into the fulfillment of your will…into the execution of your grander themes and purposes for our generation. Glory to your name forever!

O Mighty God, cause us to find rest in you…now and always!
For you are our God-there is none other!

In the name of Jesus!


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