1 John

For there are three witnesses…[Pt. 2]

And there are three that bear witness on earth:the Spirit, the water, and the blood; and these three agree as one — 1 John 5:8

The three that bear witness on earth…

[continued from yesterday’s post on “three that bear witness in heaven“]

And there are three also, on earth, bearing witness to the reality of the new man in Christ…to the veracity of the Over-comer breed of mankind. These three agree in one; they speak the same thing…they declare the same testimony as it is thundered forth in the highest heavens! 

  1. The Spirit — He is our Helper. He lives in the new creation. He is the teacher who takes of all that Deity has and possesses and makes real to the Child of God. He is omnipresent God. It is His ministry to daily load us up with benefits; and morning by morning fill our tongue with the Word of Power. It is He who always declares to our hearts the testimony of truth: “Over-comers! More than Conquerors!” 
  1. The Water — Flowing from our earlier discourse wherein we established that “the water” in this context means the Word of Grace – its sanctifying and cleansing ability greatly highlighted. The Word is our sanctifying power…unto salvation- in all the fullness of its gamut! Selah. Therefore we realize that the sanctifying word is needed for the born again experience…. “being born-again not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, by the Word of God!” 1 Peter 1: 23.

And then we see also, by the same sanctifying Word, that we are kept clean, and preserved from evil unto kingdom profit and agenda… “Now you are clean because of the Word I have spoken unto you”. John 15:3. Hallelujah! 
It is this constant cleansing power of the Word that Jesus intimated at in John 13 when He washed the feet of them that were His and said “you have no part in Me if I don’t wash your feet….he whose feet is clean is wholly clean” (paraphrased). 

For our “feet” walk the “dirt filled” terrain of this fallen cosmos and has need to be regularly cleansed by the “washing of water by the word”. Selah. This is the word that sanctifies and testifies of the child of God: “Over-comer!”

Let us see plainly and walk in this light: the over-comers are them that are constantly washed by the Word and presented fit to wield the scepter of power, in righteousness, of the kingdom of light. 

  1. “The Blood”— Again in the flow of contextual harmony of this portion of scripture, the blood is that shed for all men by the Lord Jesus Christ. Once and for all. To purchase eternal salvation for all men. It is the blood that speaks mercy…unlike that of Abel which cried vengeance and sort retribution; the blood of Jesus speaks peace and a cessation of hostilities between man and God! It declares the new man in Christ the champion of God. It is the blood of the covenant that guarantees supply to all in Christ! It is the reason we have the entire deluge of Grace, Mercy and Agape! The blood speaks… “in agreement with the Spirit and the Water…”. This is the new man in Christ. This is the Over-comer!

Watch this man shine for the glory of God!


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