1 John

WHATSOEVER is born of God overcomes!

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith — 1 John 5:4

Here, St. John says whatsoever is born of God! He does not restrict himself to “whosoever” …No! He says “whatsoever”!

This means my ideas born of God shall prevail; my passion born of God shall not be quenched by the cold winds of this fallen cosmos; dreams and visions etched upon my heart by the fiery finger of God’s word shall prevail…they shall come to pass…in the name of Jesus Christ! For whatsoever is born of God overcomes!

Therefore Beloved, let us pay attention to those little seeds of thought and inspiration we receive into our hearts and minds as we fellowship with the Holy Spirit in the Word of God. Ideas are powerful, especially so when distilled from the higher planes of divine wisdom and philosophy…as it is in Christ!

For I know this generation is set to receive from the Helper the keys that shall unite the twin edges of reason and faith and display the resulting monolith for all men to see.

Ours is the generation that shall make most tangibly manifest all the power, wisdom and strength of the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus. To these visions of the Spirit, let us not fail to remain relentless in pursuit; for we are the over-comers in Christ. The vicissitudes of this life shall not suffice to hold us back or hem us down or push us against the walls of stagnation! In the name of Jesus, we are at liberty to be all that the Father says we are! Praise God!

So brethren, be filled with the boldness overflowing from the treasure of righteousness, be consumed by the indomitable purpose of the kingdom of Light, be propelled by the unlimited flames of His Love….be filled always with His anointing!

And from this high ground of life in Christ, let us change our world!
Let us meet the challenges of adversity, conflict and war; and be the over-comers to the glory of the King!
For we are the believers in Christ!
We have come to make known His Light and overcome the world!

Praise God!

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