…seemingly rigged to fall apart?

Adversity. Conflict. War. — These appear to be overt and ubiquitous themes that adorn the tapestry of man’s sojourn here on earth.

For from the beginning, we see man immersed into the arena of conflict; when God created man, He said to them “male and female…have dominion and subdue” [Genesis 1:28]. The veracity behind this fiat unveils the presence of adversity. It tells of the presence of elements whose agenda stood, and still stand, blisteringly at variance with that of the purpose and being of man. Into this arena, the Creator immersed man and said “have dominion and subdue!”

And then one in another place declared, “…rule thou in the midst of your enemies!” [Psalm 110:2].

Therefore, we find, by the mouth of two witnesses the ubiquitous presence of adversity, conflict and war in this present cosmos. It is not far-fetched, for even the untrained eye, to realize that this current cosmos seems rigged to fall apart – without any curbing intervention.

We realize everywhere the reign of entropy and the devastating imprints of chaos…weeds naturally spring up in the fields, rooms left unattended dissolve into miry unkempt milieus…disease lurks waiting to seize at opportunity to manifest unless it is kept at bay by the power of His Word and the discipline of healthy practices….this world is like a cesspit full of many things rigged to go wrong. Selah

It is against this backdrop that we awaken, in Christ, to this revelation: “whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world”. [1 John 5:4]. We are over-comers!



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