1 John

How love comes to full expression in us…

Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world — 1 John 4:17

Herein is our love made perfect…Herein is our Love made whole…

We hear the Holy Spirit speak…He says “Herein is love made perfect”… know and believe the love that God has towards us,…awaken to the reality that God is Love… His love for me is infinite in dimensions…Unlimited in expressions!

This is the revelation that causes us to have boldness in His presence now, and then to dwell therein: as the new creation in God, and God in us!…and also on that day of the Lord. Glory to God! Henceforth to be stripped off all shadows of doubt and all vacillations of uncertainty and brought to the pinnacles of maturity.

“…Because as He is”…as Jesus is loved by the Father, so are we right now, right here in this world loved by the Father. It is the same immeasurable out-pour of agape…the same relentless pursuit of passion…the same unhinged and unguarded expressions of His Love towards us. O see how the Father loves us! As Jesus Christ is loved of the Father, so are we loved by the same immeasurable expanse of Deity’s heart!
“Because as He is, so are we in this world.”

Upon awakening to this reality, see what boldness we are now vested with.
For we know the Father who has made us the objects of His Love.
We know that “now we are the sons of God”…now we are, the vessels of His Love!
This is the Light that truly disables fear…no matter the onslaught of darkness, no matter the depths of the tribulations…no matter the odds stacked up against us.
This is the key revelation that stills our hearts, and fills it to the brim with heavens joy and peace…Hallelujah!

Remember Child of God, Herein is our Love perfected!



2 thoughts on “How love comes to full expression in us…

    1. Amen Brandon!
      I pray that you awaken to the power and infinite dimensions of God’s love for us in Christ!
      I tell you…it is the surest way to walk in the boldness and liberty of the new creation. That means constant victory over sin and the wiles of darkness as you walk in righteousness consciousness…intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit as you display tangibly the “power that raised Jesus from the dead”…joy, peace and certainty always adorning our countenance as we receive supply from the infinite limits of Grace! Glory to God!
      Agape is “lifting power”!
      Remain lifted Sir, in the light of His Word!

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