Speak - He listens - He Speaks Back

another glorious day in HIS Light!

Good morning Father,

We thank you for Your love and mercy.
We offer to You praise and honor; and magnify Your Name greatly upon our lips.
Thank you for Your kindness towards us.
Thank you for Your faithfulness and Grace.
We are blessed to have awakened to You, O Wonderful Father!

Today, we continue to focus our attention on You.
We keep our gaze steady on Your Word; we keep our heart fully connected to You.
We open our hearts wide to receive of your provision and supply.
You are our God and Father…we yield our all in allegiance to You!

We say, Thank you for the mighty effectual working of Your power in us! In the name of Jesus! We ask; teach us Lord to be more patient and kind.
Help us function much more effectively, as the vessels of Your power and love, to our generation.
We receive Your endowments of wisdom and strength; now we walk faithfully in Your higher ways. Now, we are led always by Your Light.

For we are yours, in Your Light!
We are the skilled swordsmen of the Word of Truth.
We are seated with the Firstborn on the throne of power
We are the executors of Your will and purposes.

In selfless service, we pledge ourselves to the Lordship and Kingdom of Jesus Christ
We are eternally Yours in absolute obedience; we bow our knees in graceful surrender
Now and Always…Your Instructed Scribes!…Your anointed vessels to the nations of men!… By the power of the Holy Spirit.

O thank you Mighty God!
We relish the turn of another glorious day in Your Light!



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