Greatly helped!

“Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth…” — Psalms 12:1

Mighty Father!

These are smoldering times we presently live in. It would seem that the storms that bring the twisted agendas of darkness to the fore are always present. It would seem to pass for fact that the arm of darkness has the present transient advantage. It would seem that the godly man is pressed against the wall, speaking peace be still…and not receiving at once before his eyes the expected respite. Help Mighty God, strengthen the arms of righteousness that they may be kept upright and stirred on to complete victory.

Mighty God, help the many children of Light presently walking the watery slopes of the storms and tempests hidden in the deep reaches of the valleys of their sojourn; for fortitude is a virtue that needs the constant nourishments of faith and hope. 
For many voices seem to waver and many eyes seem to grow dim in expectation of hope, reposed at the horizon…

Many hearts seem to wane and grow cold as the assaults of darkness bludgeon on, and make many outrageous incursions into the terrain of light.
We thank you, O Mighty God, for your children are greatly helped by your Grace…against all these odds!

Heavenly Helper, we see many of the children of light still courted by fear and uncertainty every day…we see many still removed from the safe havens of rest in Zion. O Mighty Father! We thank you that we are helped!

That by the workings of your mighty hand through your anointed vessels today, we shall see the all in Christ transformed into maturity…that many shall cease to be children…tossed to and fro with the tides…that all shall feast on the revelations of Truth that make hitherto shut eyes awaken to the beauty of the light; and previously dull hearing sharper to the voice of the Teacher…and otherwise closed and un-yielded hearts consumed by His Love and properly positioned to receive all of the fullness of the Godhead unveiled…

O Mighty Helper! We thank you!
For you help your children.
You help the righteous, even the “godly man” in Christ!

None shall fail! No, not one! We declare, in the name of Jesus Christ!
For now, we have awakened to your Mighty Helping Hand!



4 thoughts on “Greatly helped!

    1. Amen Julia! thank God you were blessed by this post. :-).
      Happy happy new year! May this turn of the tide usher much more fully all the supply to your heart desires. Many blessings to you.
      Looking forward to exploring your blog as well… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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