The one true ship within which to make discovery!

There is a call to greatness that we must heed. The sound thereof invites all Peoples to an adventure…to the many paths that otherwise would remain un-taken.

I believe that the posturing that best serves purpose in our lives is one that recognizes the centrality of the Lord Jesus Christ – His Kingdom agenda and “Word philosophy”.

I believe that He is the only enclave within which we can find the answers to all the mystery of life. He is the only lens through which we can truly form the clearest perspectives; He is the only light that makes known all things hidden….His is the name in which is hid all the treasures of knowledge and wisdom. Shall not the thinkers of this age embrace and make their explorations in Him?

I believe it is the new creation that is rightly placed to pursue the grander themes hidden within the seams of this present life. I realize no other context that properly postures, and gives the brightest perspective to all things…uniting even the seeming dichotomy between faith and reason.

I say, that the first step to pursuing meaning and true greatness in this life is to become born again-to be located in Christ! 

Therefore, join me in telling the world of all Peoples: there is but one true ship within which we ought to make discovery and explore the vast myriad terrains of this world and its universe….His Name is Jesus Christ!



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