I often wonder…

I have often wondered why it is that godless traditions seems to be entrenched within the fabric of society… that it is hailed by all to be writ in stone and thus must be paid allegiance to, at all times, at all cost, and without question.

Why is it that thinking men and women do not question the wisdom of the traditions of their times. Why do we just conform without probing the merits of the claim. Why do we constantly box ourselves and straight jacket our lives….submitting to a systems order without questioning whether it fits into the grander purposes of our being.

I ask the question.
To what purpose should we bend all our life efforts?
What should we call the sublime quintessence of life?
Why is the default mode for many bleak and riddled with the ubiquitous phenomenon of uncertainty?

It is said that the world owes its advancement in every facet of endeavor to its mavericks. Men and Women who have questioned the prevailing wisdom of their times and refused to pay homage to the statues of the gods and goddesses of the “ruling convention”.
Such stock were different in their thinking. They held convictions that made them non-conformists and attracted in their days the “wrath” of a displeased convention. It is much so in our day as well.

Who has said that the physical world is all there is?
Who has said there is no God and walks in the pomposity of ignorant pride?
Why should we sacrifice true fulfillment for the stale sureties of a “a humdrum” existence?
Why must we pay reverence to “systems that express overtly ungodly and non-Christ like themes ” without any critical objections…without any rigorous questioning?

Where are the godly thinkers of this age?
I bid you answer.



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