1 John

He is Love! Like no other!

“…for God is Love!” 1 John 4:8

O how marvelous this revelation! How incomparable its dimensions when fully awakened to.
That a man should hear this reality and connect into it! Glory!

Where is the cynic who painted that spurious portrait of an angry God looking to devour helpless man?
Where is the so-called “thinker” who wrongly concluded that the Creator is Apathy and Chaos?
Where is the agnostic who is constantly vacillating in his denial of the King of Kings?
Where are the ungodly disputers of the ages?
I bid them hear this word of truth! God is Love!!!

The Creator and possessor of the heavens and earth has interest in us…because He is Love! He wishes us well…he desires that our end be good. He does not think evil of us…he does not set us up to fail…he has staked the integrity of His throne for us in Christ; He has in love made us accepted as the Beloved in Christ!

He stooped low in the incarnation to declare His infinite love for us.
He suffered the humiliation of the cross to echo for eternity his undying love for us.
He sent down the Holy Spirit to witness always to our hearts; the soundless depths of the Father’s heart of love.
He holds us in the tenderness of embraces; he whispers into our ears in the stillest of voices; he roars up in righteousness to defend his own…he makes us lie down by the rivers of living waters…This is Love! He is Love! Like no other! Like no other ever has or will!

O mighty God, thank you for the revelation of your love to our hearts!


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