Essence of the Season

Musings on 2016

You turned out to be one of my best instructors yet
Walking your flowing path has endowed me with perspectives in wisdom
My barns are bursting with the harvests of insight
a better man has emerged starring through your open windows

You have immersed me in the fragrance of introspection
A deep thinker called out to the deep by the mysteries of light
A searching soul, a wandering explorer
Seeking to apprehend that priceless treasure already bestowed

You hurled me through the fires of affliction
You tested true bonds of amity
You revealed true the bonds of brotherhood- unbreakable, indissoluble
Now I know very well- bonds must be forged true, hammered true, tested true.

You brought me to many turnings within
Ineffable echoes ringing with silent moans
Through the fire; through the waters
The power of affliction to singe has been disabled now

Fortitude continues as an ever continuous study
Faith has been made stronger; Hope most brightly lit
Discipline most rigorously instilled
joy and peace overflows; by the power of His name!

What shall I say then but thank you O mighty God!
For Wisdom that crowns; and joy that beams the countenance
And Faith that outdoors our tongue
And Love that is the fragrance of our kiss

And courage that binds our hearts to the visions of our convictions
And peace that stills every tremor…
And truth that is the staff we ever lean on
And favor which is the colors and insignia we wear

And bonds of fellowship and brotherhood which is the bracelets adorning our wrists
And hope which is the faith-filled horizon we keep our gaze on
And power which is the fire that cloaks us in the presence of the Holy Spirit
And feet shod rightly; which makes complete our armor of light

O Dear Dear Father! Thank you!

Good bye 2016; We welcome the turn of the tide in the mighty name of Jesus!


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