Shepherd-Redirect-Restore [Part 2]

continuing from yesterday’s post

To whom else shall we turn to in the written accounts of the history of man?
Isaiah. Jeremiah…Hosea? From visions of the heavenly holy of holies to sounds of the rod of an almond tree to a prostitute wife pursued relentlessly by the word of promise….the tides of the sands of time have constantly seen the rise of that voice of God…speaking forth truth to generations. History is filled with many such burning lights.

To this generation, in these times, God has also appointed and raised men and women to speak with His Voice and point with His finger and see with His vision. To this call, many remain dormant and unresponsive. To this call, there remains great need for supply…in obedience; as the children of God jettison selfishness and drown their all in the soundless depths of purpose found in the Lord Jesus Christ. To this call, I ask, where are the God appointed “prophets” of our day?

Tell them to rise up; occasion bids them shine brightest for the cause of the Kingdom of Light…for the cause of the many oppressed who desire liberty…for the cause of the multitudes groping in the darkness seeking the light….for the cause of righteousness!

I hear…in the distant horizon, the voices of many speaking; declaring Truth…ministering to multitudes…prepare! Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight His path!



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