Shepherd-Redirect-Restore [Part 1]

Where are the prophets of the land?
Where are the anointed voices and unveiled eyes of Heavens courts…them who have been lifted up by the hand of divinity in a time and place like this to declare forth the wisdom of God…to point the right direction by the finger of God….to speak forth the oracles of God and lift multitudes into the sublime fold of true fulfillment?

I reckon that it is the peculiarities of the times that birth the unique ministries of the prophets throughout history. Moses was raised up as a prophet to deliver the people of Israel locked up in bondage in Egypt. To this end, he was separated from birth and placed on the path that nurtured and prepared him for that high heavenly calling. He suffered, and experienced many defeats and painful turn of events…so that his heart will learn to be tuned right and lean on only the word of the Great I am!

So it was with Elijah also. In the midst of a great national apostasy, God raised up the Tishbite as it where, from out of the four winds, to become the leading prophet of his time. To restore the power of God to his lost generation; to redirect the many losing their way in the dimness of darkness…to shepherd multitudes back into the restoring light of truth again.



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