Awakening · Poesy

A world in need, ours to heal…

Child of God
Declare forth the word of God
Speak in power, the visions of the spirit.
Make manifest in power, the hand and finger of God

Child of God
Who is appointed by Deity’s courts to make visible the way when there seems none
Who is chosen and called and faithful to show forth in power the staff of YHWH
Who is destined to lift a people up from the miry clay and lead them into the higher paths unto the abode rooted and grounded in Christ

Child of God
Stand up and be strong
Let the roar of the King be heard in your voice
Let the piercing gaze of the One whose eyes is like a flame of fire be your vision
Let your heart be bold to speak forth the Oracles of YHWH
in the unquenchable power of the Holy Spirit

Child of God
Roll up your sleeves and the loins of your gown
A seer is raised for times of adversity
For conquest and making straight crooked paths
Place your bare feet on this dusty path you must tread
Yours shall be the kingdom harvest

Child of God
Prophet and King you are in Christ
Your seat and office of power is yours to take
See the First Born beckon us patiently in agape
His authority ours to wield
A world in need ours to heal
Yours it is to rise up and take your place!

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