Essence of the Season · Poesy

Life to the world — full of Glory!

The annals of the kingdom are full of His Glory!
Every page, every letter, every punctuation cries out without restraint: Glory!
Glory to God in the Highest! From Everlasting to Everlasting
Glory to the Word who is God- Full of Life; full of Light
By Him all things consist, By Him all things stand

This is He who became flesh
In a moment, time stood still
and the Life of God became flesh
In the midst of men, He tabernacled- son of God!
Full of Grace; Full of Truth!

See for yourself the Lamb of God
He, who took away the sin of the world; slain from the very foundations of the world
See for yourself the Bread of Life
The true manna- descended from Heaven
To impart Life and Light to all

See for yourself Truth and Reality
The brightness of God; the express image of His person
This is the Gospel of Life!
Behold the Lamb!
God made flesh!

In the likeness of sinful man He came;
Through the womb of a virgin,
Eternity Himself became cloaked in flesh
The Bread of Life!
The Lamb of God!
Life to the world!


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