Essence of the Season · Poesy

Behold the Son!…Love’s greatest sacrifice!

No note of discord to mar the celestial harmonies
No theme out of perspective to slander the divine narrative
No picture distorted to blotch the heavenly painting
Fitly framed together; His incarnation was declared of old

I will sing of His tidings with the strings of a harp
I will weave my words in the fabric of His Love
I will declare with a shout the manifestations of His salvation
Out of the goodness of His counsel we have beheld and tasted
The sweet fragrance of Life that puts to naught death itself

The King of Kings made manifest;
Clothed in the dust of humanity
This resplendent tale the memoirs of history tell
With words wrung from the all-consuming theme
of Love’s greatest sacrifice

With dazzling brightness
The ethereal visit is writ
A gripping story of YHWH’s eternal purposes made manifest
Humanity has come to enshroud divinity
Divinity has wrapped the world of men in an eternal embrace

Behold the Son!
Behold the Lamb of God!
Wrapped up in the swaddling clothes of an infant
Behold the moment when all stood still
And His Glory appeared!


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