Essence of the Season · Poesy

….the day His Glory appeared!

The impressive form of the statue that gave spirit to the dream stood…
In the pomp display of the kingdoms of men
In the prime of their glory and strength
Branded in gold and silver; brass and iron
A fitting collage of the evanescence of earthly kingdoms
Whose eyes can perceive these things? Whose spirit can discern?

Suddenly from out of the deep counsels of YHWH, a stone was formed
It was as it were hewn out without hands;
Which stone did dash the impressive monolith to pieces
And made it become as the chaff of the threshing floor
Carried with the wind and lost in its vastness thereof
In its place the stone stood and prevailed and became a great mountain; abiding forever!

Which stone hewn without hands is Christ
The stone upon which is laid seven eyes; even the fullness of the fire
whose appearing at the close of the ages in the likeness of flesh
Dashed to pieces the kingdoms and influence of men
Emasculating the thralldom of the prince of darkness
Light has dispelled the darkness

To this prophecy History bears witness
In the fullness of the dispensation of the times His Glory was made manifest
To bring to light, life and immortality
Today, the mountain of His Kingdom stands tallest and all the nations flow into it
A befitting testimony to the day the Word became flesh and dwelt among us
….the day His Glory appeared!


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