1 John

In whom are you found?

They are of the world. Therefore they speak as of the world, and the world hears them. 1 John 4:5

There is the man in Christ; and there is the man outside Christ- carnal, under the sway of the prince of darkness…of the world. This distinction is what divides all peoples of the world today. It is a question of spiritual positioning…in whom are you found?

The man outside Christ is the man in the world…of the world. His spiritual and mental posturing is of the world…he is “earthy”. He has not awakened to the reality of the Heavenly Father…he does not know the majestic splendor of the kingdom and Lordship of Jesus Christ.

When he speaks, he speaks out of that which he knows to be real and true…he speaks out of the volumes of the world’s sophistries. His utterances are of the world…he thinks, talks and functions carnal. With or without his permission, he is swayed by the influence of the prince of darkness…he is a pawn to the enemy’s agenda…he is a vessel that can be manipulated to further the interests of darkness…a medium often used to execute the hidden agenda of darkness’s schemes; even the persecution of the Church of the Living God. 

Such a man is heard by the world. He has a sense of belonging to the world; therefore the world hears him when he speaks. The world can understand him; as he does understand the world.

He is of the world.
He does not know God.
He has need to be caught into the gospel of Grace “that brings salvation”!



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