Make known to all peoples His Power and Righteousness

Break the arm of the wicked and the evil man;
Seek out his wickedness until You find none. Psalm 10:15

Who shall stand on the side of God and resist the strength of evil?
Who shall wear the armor of righteousness and wage war with the present tides of iniquity and unrighteousness?
Or shall good look on unconcerned, at the incessant march of the wicked man?
Shall righteousness turn a blind eye to the flagrant incursions of evil on all terrains…even on its very sacrosanct own?

Let us stir ourselves up from slumber. Let us awaken in the light and align ourselves with the armies of the King. For the King has declared His judgment on Evil and the wicked. He has issued out His fiat. He shall break the arm of wickedness and evil…and pursue it until He finds it no more…until it is completely rooted out from its place…until it ceases to exist…until it is all transformed by and translated into Christ! Selah.

Shall the Church of the First Born not be aligned with the fiat of their King?
Where is the injustice in your sphere of engagement today?
Have you seen the arm of evil and wickedness unveiled before your eyes?
What is your response? O Child of God, what shall you do now?

I believe, we have shown up in a time and place like this to make known to all peoples the power and righteousness of God; in the preaching of the Gospel, in the molding of society’s virtues, philosophies and laws. I am a firm believer in the mandate of righteousness to influence infinitely all spheres of engagement.

What then? Put on the whole armor of light; take captive those strongholds of wickedness….paralyze, in the name of Jesus, every agenda and hidden arm of darkness…say to the rising tide of evil: “Thus far you have come, hitherto no more!


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